Monday, March 24, 2008

The Student Has Become The Teacher

Yesterday, a neighbor of mine had the misfortune of finding that his minivan had quite literally been bisected by a fallen tree. It was certainly the kind of spectacle that leaves you, mouth agape, staring in awe and hardly accepting what you are seeing as reality. But, as I walked by, another thought occurred to me. How much would a five-year-old boy like to see a car that had been smashed in two?

I threw open my front door and excitedly told my family to come and have a look. They leisurely strolled down the street as I, several steps ahead of them, called for them to hurry. Once we reached the scene, The Wife snapped a few pictures and The Boy had the same look on his face that I had experienced a few moments earlier. I asked, "What do you think, bud?" He replied, "This is awful!" accompanied by a genuine look of concern.

I was completely ashamed of myself. Here I was, after nearly thirty years on this earth, viewing the tragedy of one family, as a form of entertainment for mine. And, The Boy, with just over five years on this earth, demonstrated the appropriate reaction. Compassion.


Alysia said...

Awww. Don't feel too bad, love. It's okay to think something is cool AND feel sorry about someone else's misfortune. I thought it was cool, too.

The Boy is such a sweetheart.

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